Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of School Fun

We are so excited that school is over!  The boys had a great year and adjusted well to their new school.  We had a very fun Memorial Day with at the Williams' house.  We swam and ate hamburgers and hot dogs.  Perfect way to celebrate!

 Tyler and Jaxson earned gold medals in the Reading Olympics at school.  They had to read over 100 books each during the school year.
 Last day of school!!!!
 Here's Jaxson with his teacher Mrs. Newby.  She will be his teacher next year too for his year of "Super Kindergarten". (If you watch "King of Queens" you should understand what that means :)
 Tyler hugging his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Short
 Hadley loves to "bump" on the trampoline!
 Here she is copying the boys in their gymnastics class.
 Tyler, Jaxson, Momo, Jaxson and Jun having fun in the pool
 Our cute little Hadley enjoying the water

 Nice shot of Tyler letting the fountain hit him in the . . .well, you know where.
 Jaxson playing in the fountain
 We found a frog!
(Below) Hadley trying on Jaxson's goggles.

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