Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of School Fun

We are so excited that school is over!  The boys had a great year and adjusted well to their new school.  We had a very fun Memorial Day with at the Williams' house.  We swam and ate hamburgers and hot dogs.  Perfect way to celebrate!

 Tyler and Jaxson earned gold medals in the Reading Olympics at school.  They had to read over 100 books each during the school year.
 Last day of school!!!!
 Here's Jaxson with his teacher Mrs. Newby.  She will be his teacher next year too for his year of "Super Kindergarten". (If you watch "King of Queens" you should understand what that means :)
 Tyler hugging his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Short
 Hadley loves to "bump" on the trampoline!
 Here she is copying the boys in their gymnastics class.
 Tyler, Jaxson, Momo, Jaxson and Jun having fun in the pool
 Our cute little Hadley enjoying the water

 Nice shot of Tyler letting the fountain hit him in the . . .well, you know where.
 Jaxson playing in the fountain
 We found a frog!
(Below) Hadley trying on Jaxson's goggles.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last Saturday we took a trip to the zoo.  The Oklahoma City Zoo is one of the best zoos that I have been to.  It has a special kid area with water features and a petting zoo and they just opened a huge elephant exhibit with a baby elephant.  Hadley was fun to watch and she was full of "ooh"s and "whoa"s!

 Our three little monkeys!

 This is just a statue, but Hadley wasn't so sure.
 Can you see the tiger?
 The elephant family is behind me and Hadley.  The baby is in between her mom and dad so she is hard to see.
 Tyler found a fuzzy caterpillar and was just as impressed with it as any of the other animals.

 Hadley says, "ooh" when she sees the Grizzley Bears eating fish and berries.
 Tyler feeding the giraffe
 Above is Jaxson feeding the giraffe and below is Hadley pointing to the giraffes.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jaxson's Field Trip

Jaxson's kindergarten class got to go to the Oklahoma City Science Museum last week and I got to be a chaperone.  It was a lot of fun and the kids got to see some really cool science experiements.  There were enough parents that went that I only had Jaxson and his friend Cooper in my group.

 This is his class waiting to get in to the museum.

 The museum has a face painting station where the kids can paint their own faces.  It was a huge hit!
 That middle circle is a fan.  Can you see the paper cup that went flying up?
 Here is Jaxson after his second visit to the face painting station.  I'm thankful that it came off really easy!
I wanted to put this picture of Hadley on too.  She fell asleep in her high chair this afternoon.  Nursery wore her out!

Friday, April 13, 2012

April Tornado

We had our first bout of severe weather since we moved to Oklahoma.  A tornado touched down in downtown Norman only a couple miles away from the OU gym where Guard works.  Pretty scary!  I put the kids in my closet with their bike helmets on and covered them in pillows and blankets.  The storm has passed for now but we are supposed to get more tomorrow.  Oh boy!  The hail was so impressive that we had to take some pictures.  The top two are of our front yard.  I just laid some dark brown mulch yesterday so the hail really shows up against it.  The hail was as big as golf balls.  Tyler grabbed a piece that was close to the door to show how big.  I wouldn't let him go out in the storm to get a bigger piece-- not a good idea!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

 We had a great Easter, but a little sad that Guard couldn't be home with us.  The OU gymnastics team won their conference championship so that did help make Easter great! Our good friends, the Bells, who live just down the street invited us to have Easter dinner and an egg hunt with them this afternoon.  Everyone had a great time although our egg hunt had to be inside since yesterday's rain made everything soggy!

 Hadley and Sarah
 Tyler, Jaxson, Luke and Madeline
 Hadley found an egg!
 Here's the big kids ready to find their eggs!
 Sweet shot of Ty jumping to look for more eggs
 Our Jax showing off what he found
Hadley playing bashful

This and That

 I often find Hadley walking around in my shoes, or Guard's shoes or even her brothers' shoes.  I had to take some pictures when I saw her trying on her Barbie's shoes!

 Tyler is turning into a great little babysitter!  I paid him to go play in the sand box with Hadley so I could get some work done.  He is so sweet to her and she adores him!

 Guard was asked to be the guest speaker at our school's Scholar Recognition on Thursday morning.  Tyler made the honor roll for the third straight quarter!  He got another dog tag to add to his collection.